What is an Auburn youngster to do during a rainy vacation day? Sure there are books to be read and Legos structures to be built, but sometimes kids and parents alike need to make an escape from the home. Where to go?

Here's one possibility: Funfinity Indoor Playground on Dry Creek Road.

Funfinity offers two separate play structures for kids large and small with trampolines, slides, tubes and tunnels. There's a section in the back where parents can lob soft squishy balls their kids with air launchers. 

And, of course, be lobbed at in return. 

Older children might enjoy bungee jumping (for an extra fee), while the younger crowd partakes of simpler pleasures.

There are plenty of arcade games for the young and young at heart to enjoy as well: air hockey, skee ball and car racing, to name a few. 

Not sure what to do while the kids are running off all that pent up energy? There's also a billiards table, a snack bar and cafe and all the free Wi-Fi you can sip. 

 Funfinity makes birthday parties super easy, too. All parents have to do is show up with cake, presents and friends. The birthday rooms are filled with bright and colorful characters. 

                                                                           And birthday decorations. 

Sowsen Farraj Haddad, manager of Funfinity, said she hopes to offer summer camps at Funfinity as well, so kids might add more variety to those long, hot, dog days. 

Funfinity also offers school field trips and non-profit fundraisers. If you're interested, visit the website for more information. 

Funfinity Indoor Playground

11905 Dry Creek Rd., Auburn, CA